Within its activities for both Czech and international clients, the Vladyka & Kubica law office provides legal services throughout the Czech Republic, while covering many fields of Czech law. The law office provides its services in the Czech language and also in English and Russian.
Vladyka & Kubica focuses on providing comprehensive legal services in the long term as well as on individual cases of its clients. In its services, the law office closely co-operates with many independent attorneys and law offices, and also with external partners and members of various professions, such as notaries, court-appointed experts, tax advisors, auditors, insolvency trustees, physicians, etc.


Commercial law

  • comprehensive corporate law (foundation and transformation of companies; organisation and preparation of general meetings and meetings of other company bodies; changes in companies including registration of the changes in the Commercial Register; mergers and acquisitions, including consolidation, spin-off and other forms of demergers and creation of companies, winding up of companies)
  • contractual commercial law (drafting, analysis and assessment of contracts)
  • insolvency law (consultancy; crisis management; comprehensive representation of creditors and debtors; provision of legal services to bankruptcy trustees)
  • legal consultancy in commercial activities of companies
  • law of bills, notes and cheques

Civil law

  • contractual civil law (consumer and purchase contracts; contracts for work governed by the Civil Code; loan contracts; donation contracts, etc.)
  • comprehensive civil law (security for obligations under liability for damage – guarantees, contractual penalties, acknowledgment of debt, etc.; compensation for damage; resolving cases of unjust enrichment; consumer rights and disputes following from complaints)
  • enforcement and administration of receivables (legal security for receivables; minimisation of overdue receivables; negotiations with debtors having overdue debts; court enforcement of receivables and subsequent distraint procedures; agreements on out-of-court settlement)

Criminal law

  • defence in criminal cases in all stages of criminal proceedings (pre-trial proceedings; remand; court proceedings – trial, appeal, application for appellate review, enforcement procedure); both for minors and adults
  • legal consultancy related to criminal-law aspects (representation of aggrieved parties, including enforcement of the claim for compensation for damage; consultancy related to diversion of criminal proceedings; submission of qualified criminal complaints; representation against the state with claims for compensation for damage)

Medical law

  • compensation for damage caused in the provision of health care (enforcement of a claim for compensation; negotiations with insurance companies)
  • consultancy in the area of medical law for patients and physicians, and also for hospital management

Family law and law of succession

  • prenuptial agreements; dissolution of marriage; settlement of the common assets of spouses; arrangement of the relationships to minor children; maintenance obligation
  • consultancy in inheritance under the law and testament; drafting testaments; disinheritance; consultancy in confirmation of inheritance and settlement among heirs; representation in probate proceedings

Labour law

  • representation of employees and employers in litigation and out-of-court settlement
  • preparation of employment and manager contracts; legal consultancy in the preparation of corporate regulations; consultancy in changes to and termination of employment
  • compensation for damage

Public procurement and competition

  • consultancy in all phases of public procurement
  • provision of services to organisers and parties involved in tender procedures


  • bills of exchange, promissory notes, shares and other investment instruments

Construction law

  • arrangement of legal relationships to construction land; notification of construction; construction permit
  • contracts for construction work; contracts with architects – designers and with construction supervisors
  • aspects of expropriation
  • defects of construction work (complaints, compensation for damage)

Real estate law

  • purchase, mortgage, lease, donation and other contracts related to real estate (purchase price escrow)
  • representation before cadastral authorities
  • security instruments related to real estate (mortgage, easements)
  • cancellation and settlement of co-ownership
  • review of purchase contracts and reservation agreements drafted by real estate agencies

Intellectual property and copyright law

  • legal aspects related to internet; domain disputes
  • trade marks
  • right to personal data protection

Administrative law

  • representation before administrative authorities (e.g. in infraction proceedings)
  • lawsuits concerned with unlawful decisions of administrative authorities

Scope of legal services

Within the individual areas of expertise, the law office provides the following services:

  • comprehensive legal consultancy
  • drafting of contracts and individual documents
  • representation in negotiations with the counterparty
  • representation in dealings with governmental authorities and bodies of regions and municipalities
  • representation before prosecuting bodies
  • representation in proceedings before courts of all instances
  • representation in proceedings before arbitrators (arbitration)
  • negotiation and conciliation
  • organisation of tender procedures
  • attorney escrow